A complete range of network services

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 Axione is responsible for the technical and commercial operation of 15 multi-technology Public Initiative Networks. This involves providing telecommunications companies with a complete range of telecommunications services that offer the latest technologies at competitive prices.


Axione's model is based on completely open contracted networks, a range of technologies to meet the needs of telecommunications companies and highly responsive operational teams.


Thanks to these networks, telecommunications companies are able to sell their services for businesses and domestic customers with complete transparency.


Axione offers telecommunications companies:

  • excellent coverage of the area in which they operate;
  • the possibility of increasing their market share;
  • a guaranteed high-quality service for their customers;
  • close working relations throughout the duration of each Public Initiative Network;
  • technologies that promote greater openness between networks to facilitate integration;
  • exclusive positioning on outsourced public services;
  • bespoke support for your sales staff provided by our local teams.