A neutral leader in digital infrastructure planning and development

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Axione has been working with local authorities to help them implement their digital planning and development projects since 2004.

With around 20% of market share, Axione has established itself as one of the leading companies on the Public Initiative Networks market, thanks in particular to its involvement in implementing high-profile projects in areas such as Limousin, Ardèche/Drôme Numérique and Pau-Pyrénées. 

The 15 Public Initiative Networks operated by Axione (13 through concession-type Délégation de Service Public contracts and 2 as Public-Private Partnerships) represent 4,650 communes, 6 million residents, 310,000 businesses and € 600 million in investment.

> View the list of PINs operated by Axione 


Neutrality – a fundamental value

Axione does not operate on the retail market. Instead, it stimulates competition and innovation through its activities as a wholesale operator, by supporting and making it easier for all telecommunications companies and digital services providers to enter the market.


A company dedicated to managing public digital services effectively

In line with its position of complete neutrality, which is key to its model's strength and success, Axione does not own any infrastructure of its own and does not have any commercial interests in the retail market, as this could, either directly or indirectly, give rise to problems managing outsourced public services.


Axione's work with local authorities is governed by a local public service charter that is based upon 4 fundamental values:

  • Neutrality and fairness
  • Growth, innovation and collaboration
  • Transparency, performance and trust
  • Dialogue and proximity