5 July 2017

Oise 2019: first rural region in Europe to be fully covered by fibre!

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© Oise departmental council

Martin Bouygues, Chairman and CEO of the Bouygues group, on Tuesday 4 July 2017 travelled to the Oise department in northern France to meet Édouard Courtial, president of the departmental council, and Jérôme Bascher, vice-president of the departmental council, in charge of general administration and finance, and president of SMOTHD, a joint association for high-speed broadband in the department. The purpose of the visit was to attend the SMOTHD extraordinary meeting and to sign the Bouygues deed of undertaking regarding the development of the fibre network in the region.

A unique commitment in Europe benefitting rural Oise

The extraordinary meeting of the joint association for high-speed broadband in the Oise department (SMOTHD) got started in the auditorium at 2.30pm in the presence of 250 guests. The meeting was an opportunity for Édouard Courtial, Martin Bouygues and Jérôme Bascher to sign a deed of undertaking entitled "Oise 2019: first rural region in Europe to be fully covered by fibre" and to discuss the existing partnership between the Oise department, the Axione-Bouygues Energies consortium and SOBECA Services.

Second works contract in Oise for Axione

Axione successfully completed an initial phase of works between 2013 and 2017, and a second phase involving the installation of a 10,000km all-fibre network has already started. More than 600 mainly rural municipalities (roughly 300,000 premises) will benefit. On completion of the contract, Oise will be the first department to be fully covered by fibre services.

Over 60,000 hours of social inclusion programmes

The projects have directly and indirectly helped to create jobs, with 60,000 hours of social inclusion programmes planned over the course of the two contracts. These programmes enable the long-term unemployed to secure employment contracts that should help facilitate their social and professional integration and allow them to learn a trade on a long-term basis. Four people have already been hired under permanent contracts at Axione, and three others have been recruited by subcontractors. Partnerships have also been formed with training centres, giving trainees the opportunity to gain increasingly sought-after experience on the project.

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