Our experience

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Over the past 10 years, Axione has deployed 22,000 km of networks to reduce disparities in access to digital services and has helped 143 local telecommunications companies to expand, thus indirectly contributing to creating 6,300 jobs.

Every day, the networks operated by Axione serve 2 million Internet users and transfer 200 terabytes of data.

Axione was set up in 2003 as a result of the impetus provided by the French law on trust in the digital economy and in particular Article L1425-1 of this law, which allows local authorities to become telecommunications operators in order to speed up digital planning and development in their areas. Axione's business plan is based upon its capacity to design, implement and operate digital infrastructure that is managed by local authorities in the interest of the general public.

A pioneer in the field, Axione continues to innovate by making the latest technologies and techniques available to local authorities:

  • 1st FTTH network (50,000 connections) deployed in Pau-Pyrénées since 2004; 
  • 1st WiMAX network deployed since 2007 in accordance with standard 802.16e and subsequently standard 802.16m for data transfer rates of up to 10 Mbps; 
  • NRA ZO (Noeuds de Raccordement Abonnés Zone d'Ombre) and NRA MeD (Noeuds de Raccordement Montée en Débit) subscriber connection nodes have improved coverage and data transfer rates in xDSL networks; 
  • pooling public and private sector networks.

In recent years, Axione has significantly expanded its areas of expertise to respond to the needs of local authorities, telecommunications companies and components manufacturers by delivering a range of complementary services. In doing so, it has created a holistic model unlike any other in France.