Our local public service charter

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At Axione, we firmly believe that the job of a digital planner does not stop once the network infrastructure has been put in place, but also involves:

  • proposing a range of solutions;
  • making innovation a fundamental principle;
  • promoting real local development. 

Axione delivers this public service in line with four fundamental values, which are set out in its 'Local public service charter':



Neutrality and fairness:

  • being committed to a local public broadband and super-fast broadband service that is accessible to all;
  • serving users without discrimination or limitations and always being ready to listen to their needs;
  • remaining committed to delivering results for local authorities.


Jobs, innovation and collaboration:

  • offering businesses the best services;
  • promoting the creation of innovative services;
  • supporting and encouraging the creation of local businesses and jobs;
  • stimulating innovation by encouraging collaboration between local organisations to promote the development of new usages.

 Transparency, performance and trust:

  • ensuring that infrastructure remains at the cutting edge of technology;
  • optimising commercial growth;
  • promoting greater transparency when publishing results;
  • giving local authorities complete control over their infrastructure.

Dialogue and proximity:

  • setting up spaces for discussion and dialogue with public sector stakeholders;
  • promoting the sharing of best practice and the pooling of infrastructure.