PINs: powerful, long-term tools

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Since the French law on trust in the digital economy was passed in 2004, local authorities have invested several billion euros through more than 149 large-scale Public Initiative Networks or PINs (affecting more than 30,000 residents)*.


PINs' operations represent:

  • 373,000 FTTH connections
  • 907,379 unbundled connections (activated lines)**
  • 71,192 Wi-Fi/WiMAX end users
  • 3,416 satellite end users
  • 53% of PINs have more than 10 telecommunications companies operating in their area
  • A tariff differential of between 8 and 64% on wholesale services (FTTO) in comparison with Orange's 2013 range
  • Households save 60 euros on their ADSL subscription every year
  • 2,500 business parks connected as part of departmental or regional PINs
  • 9,000 public sites now offer Internet access as part of departmental or regional PINs 


The Avicca*** sums up the impact of PINs in 7 key points:

  • Reduce disparities in access to broadband and super-fast broadband
  • Stimulate competition
  • Reduce access costs
  • Extend super-fast broadband access to promote innovative usages
  • Strengthen regional economic structures
  • Support local digital sectors
  • Create new jobs 

Axione's operations alone have helped to create nearly 6,000 direct and indirect jobs in 10 years and to redistribute € 31 million in purchasing power every year through full unbundling, as well as supporting the development of 143 local telecommunications companies. 


* Number of PINs declared to the French Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority (ARCEP) as being planned or in operation at the end of 2012
** Including departmental and regional PINs + EPCI (public establishments for cooperation between local authorities) and communal PINs that fell outside the scope of this study
*** Association des Villes et Collectivités pour les Communications électroniques et l’Audiovisuel (Association of towns and local authorities for electronic communications and audiovisual media)