Promoting regional attractiveness and development

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According to Pierre-Eric Saint André, Axione's Managing Director, 'Digital infrastructure is a key factor in the attractiveness of a region as it offers great potential for growth and innovation.'

'Digital services have become a priority. Consumers (businesses, domestic customers, local authorities) are becoming increasingly aware of factors affecting Internet access (such as tariffs, quality and innovation). As well as a wide range of service providers, we are also seeing the emergence of increasing numbers of public initiatives related to non-commercial usages in sectors such as health and education. Looking to the future, it is vital for rural regions that these new types of usage can be accessed by everyone, everywhere,' explains Eric Jammaron, head of Axione's Concessions Division. *


81% of the French population would like their commune to invest more in digital services. **


Axione is a world leader with a local presence that remains closely involved with the economic and social issues arising from its activities in individual regions:


Improving digital access and opening up different regions

  • Stimulating economic recovery in industrial areas
  • Making rural areas more commercially attractive
  • Promoting sustainable development
  • Encouraging social and regional cohesion (e.g. urban renewal)


 Greater competitiveness for economic stakeholders

  • Directly increasing the competitiveness of local businesses thanks to a more effective and innovative range of digital services
  • Setting up collaborative development programmes between public and private sector stakeholders within different economic sectors (competitiveness clusters, skills clusters, centres for rural excellence, etc.)  


Sustainable development


Maintaining public services in rural areas

* Extract from an interview with Eric Jammaron for the GRACO (Forum for discussions between ARCEP, local authorities and telecommunications companies) report - December 2013
** Survey conducted by CSA, BFM and Le Figaro in September 2013